A look at the history of the England & Wales Blind Golf tournaments, detailing the past tournament winners

 Chairmans CupJack Kerfoot CupThe Primary Club MatchplayThe StrokeplayThe Lawrence Levy British Blind MastersSir Colin Cowdrey Trophy
1987--Mike Baynham--Dave Benwell
1988Peter Hodgkinson-Ron AllfreeDave BenwellRon AllfreeMike Baynham
1989David MorrisMike BaynhamDavid MorrisRon AllfreeNeil BaxterTom Mulholland
1990David MorrisBill CrawfordDavid MorrisPeter HodgkinsonDavid MorrisRon Allfree
1991Derrick SheridanPhil CarmichaelRon AllfreeNeil BaxterEric BullBarry Ritchie
1992Ron AllfreeDave BenwellDerrick SheridanEric BullMike LotenNeil Baxter
1993Andy FitzgeraldRon AllfreeRoy McKnightRoy McKnightTom MitchellTom Mitchell
1994Tom RowlinsonNeil BaxterAndy FitzgeraldDavid MorrisGerry KellySteve Ford
1995Neil BaxterSteve FordPeter HodgkinsonSteve FordDavid MorrisBarry Ritchie
1996Ron AllfreeTony ShearmanPeter HodgkinsonChris EvansRobin ClaydenRon Tomlinson
1997John MarchantTom MitchellSue Loudon ReidTom RowlinsonDavid MorrisRon Tomlinson
1998Andy GilfordBarry RitchieSue Loudon ReidAndy GilfordMichael GardnerRon Tomlinson
1999Phil CarmichaelDavid MorrisRoy McKnightRoy McKnightPaul O'RahillySue Loudon Reid
2000Jay CooksonRon TomlinsonSandy BurneJay CooksonAndy GilfordMike Loten
2001Derek FieldDerrick SheridanDerrick SheridanPeter HodgkinsonNeil BaxterMike Loten
2002Simon CooksonSimon CooksonSue Loudon ReidSimon CooksonJay CooksonMike Loten
2003Joe McEwanSimon CooksonDerrick SheridanMike MayoMike MayoDerrick Sheridan
2004Simon CooksonMike TippettMalcolm ElrickMike MayoSimon CooksonMalcolm Elrick
2005Barry RitchieBryan RichardsSteve CookMalcolm ElrickMike MayoDerrick Sheridan
2006Steve BeeversDuncan BickertonAndy SellarsSandy BurneSteve CookAndy Sellars
2007Bryan RichardsPaul AppleyardPaul AppleyardJay CooksonMike MayoDerrick Sheridan
2008Roy McKnightMalcolm ElrickPaul AppleyardRoy McKnightPeter HodgkinsonRon Tomlinson
2009John EakinSimon CooksonBarry RitchieRon TomlinsonAllan MorganChris Evans
2010Chris EvansChris EvansSteve BeeversAndy SellarsMike MayoBarry Ritchie
2011Billy McAllisterSteve BeeversBilly McAllisterBilly McAllisterRon TomlinsonDerrick Sheridan
2012Steve BeeversChris EvansPieta le RouxPieta le RouxAllan MorganRon Tomlinson
2013Peter HodgkinsonBilly McAllisterPeter HodgkinsonBilly McAllisterBilly McAllisterPeter Hodgkinson
2014Andy GilfordJohn EakinDerek FieldAndy GilfordPeter HodgkinsonDerrick Sheridan
2015Peter OsborneAndy SellarsJay CooksonMalcolm ElrickPeter OsbornePieta le Roux
2016Andy GilfordAndy SellarsPeter HodgkinsonSteve BeeversAllan MorganEuin Hill
2017Andy SellarsJason HeathfieldSteve BeeversJohn EakinJohn Eakin / Steve BeeversBarry Ritchie
2018Mark SturdyMark SturdyJason BastableBilly McAllisterJason BastableAndy Gilford
2019Barry RitchieAndy SellarsPeter OsborneJason BastableMike TomlinsonNot Played
2020Not Played Due to COVID-19Not Played Due to COVID-19Not Played Due to COVID-19Not Played Due to COVID-19Not Played Due to COVID-19Not Played Due to COVID-19
2021Danny DanielsOwen RobinsonJason BastableMike TomlinsonPeter OsbornePeter Osborne