Order of Merit 2016/2017

Derek Field accepting his trophy alongside Chairman Barry Ritchie

England & Wales Blind Golf stages six ranking events each season at which players can earn Order of Merit points depending on their position in each tournament.

There is an overall Order of Merit that includes all players and a Seniors Order of Merit for players over the age of 65.

The 2016/2017 Order of Merit runs from the Sir Colin Cowdrey Trophy in September 2016 until the completion of the British Blind Masters in August 2017.

The winner of the 2017 Order of Merit was John Eakin, with the senior Order of Merit 2017 won by Derek Field.

The result table is below

1John Eakin17414612011011923123251317
2Jason Heathfield16516231121251191511671513
3Steve Beevers1621161121813011111116122515
4Andy Gilford1601121411712012514112161312
5Mark Sturdy1301132311081917151625
6Derek Field*10311151129113101129117
7Barry Ritchie*101118181121312310148
8Euin Hill*972517151061014
9Peter Hodgkinson*9420112112011614710
Jason Bastable9455789202020
11Ron Tomlinson*89191911115110918886
12Chris Evans*7991414141711
13Andy Sellars7715251423
14Peter Osborne7212151412910
15Derrick Sheridan*46181911115180
16Tony Hegarty379572554
17Simon Cookson3141512
Nick Mills311115241313
19Roger Cole25611112661
Stephen Kepmster2537465
21Bryan Richards*21615132111
22David Rees201118
Matt Killeen204134341
24Roy Sharples*2011351333
25Danny Daniels*171161611
26Pieta Le Roux15312
27Nick Burr1433031121
28Brian Goodger12714
29Danny Atkin61140
30Nathan Hill413
Shaun Burke321
32Helen Davies211
Adam Clayton211
34Jay Cookson11
Malcolm Elrick0
Jean Kennedy-Bolton*0
Jim O’Brien*0
Matthew Speller0
John Williams0