Although all EWBG members are registered blind, some have a little residual vision. So, to even out the varying degrees of sight loss there are three sight categories for handicaps: For men B1 players can have a maximum handicap of 54, B2 players a maximum of 45 and for B3 players the maximum is 36.  For Ladies the maximum handicaps are for B1 – 63, B2 – 54 and B3 – 45.

For the 2020 England and Wales Blind Golf Handicap Policy Click Here

For a copy of the International Blind Golf Association Handicap Policy Open this link

Table below was updated on the Jan 2020

NAMESight CatQR'sExact H'capPlaying H'capnew exactnew playing
Atkin DB126954Not active54
Bastable JB320/34242423.223
Beevers SB21418.41816.617
Bond GB2045Not active45
Burke SB1363546154
Clayton AB111625458.354
Cole RB21254.84553.545
Cookson SB3919.5201919
Danials DB21844.64543.343
Eakin JB320/248.998.38
Evans CB31423.1232121
Field DB21550.7454945
Gilford AB220/2918.61917.518
Heathfield JB320/2517.51817.117
Heggerty AB31852.13650.536
Hill EB21246.34544.244
Hill NB107154Not active54
Hodgkinson PB12053.85452.452
Kempster SB224545Not active45
Larlham DB21355.34553.745
Mills NB120715470.254
O'Brien JB116854Not active54
Osborne PB21223232222
Porter GB330Not active30
Rees DB3742.3364136
Richards BB21660456345
Ritchie BB11855.25452.553
Robinson OB21450.24548.245
Sellars AB21427.12724.725
Sharples RB115715469.254
Sheridan DB22154.14553.845
Spier KB2145Not active45
Tomlinson MB31132.6333131
Tomlinson RB12059.25457.254
Williams JB206245Not active45