This is the 2022 Order of Merit

Updated May 2022

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1Danny Daniels*B2401525
2Andy SellarsB2392514
3Andy GilfordB2352015
Mike TomlinsonB3351520
5Steve BeeversB23030
6Peter Hodgkinson*B1271512
7Barry Ritchie*B1261511
Owen RobinsonB226917
9Jason BastableB32020
10Ron Tomlinson*B11789
11Adam ClaytonB11313
12Nick MillsB11266
13Shaun BurkeB11010
14Roy Sharples*B1954
15Steve CunninghamB188
Stephen KempsterB288
17Ros WeirB377
David Larlihan*B377
19Roger ColeB255
Euin HillB20
Jason HeathfieldB30
Peter OsborneB20
Mike VanstoneB30
Tony HegartyB30
John EakinB30
Billy McAllisterB10
Simon CooksonB30
MPEnglish Matchplay and Stableford Plate
JKJack Kerfoot (Northern Cup)
CCChairman's Cup
SPEnglish Strokeplay
MBritish Blind Masters
CSColin Cowdrey Shield
*Seniors OM