England & Wales Blind Golf stages six ranking events each season at which players can earn Order of Merit points depending on their position in each tournament.

There is an overall Order of Merit that includes all players and a Seniors Order of Merit for players over the age of 65.

The 2018/2019 Order of Merit runs from the Sir Colin Cowdrey Trophy  in September 2018 until the completion of the British Blind Masters in August 2019.

For the 2019 international being held at Royal Asdown’s West Course. The team will be, top 8 in order of merit and 3 Captains picks.

Order of Merit 2018/2019

1Andy GilfordB255251515
2Jason HeathfieldB352201517
3Jason BastableB348152013
4Peter OsborneB24303013
5Barry Ritchie*B14271025
6Peter HodgkinsonB1362511
7Ron Tomlinson*B13413156
8Billy McAllisterB1271215
9Danny DanielsB2251078
John EakinB325178
11Steve BeeversB22020
Andy SellarsB22020
13Roger ColeB218873
Euin HillB218144
15Mike TomlinsonB215510
16Chris EvansB31414
Derek Field*B214095
18Tony HegartyB31257
19Derrick Sheridan*B21174
20Shaun BurkeB11010
Simon CooksonB31010
David ReesB31010
23Nick MillsB16312
24Bryan RichardsB244
Owen RobinsonB344
26Adam ClaytonB122
David LarlihanB322
Roy SharplesB1211
29O'Brien JimB111
30Brian GoodgerB20
Stephen KepmsterB20
Danny AtkinB10
Nathan HillB10
MPEnglish Matchplay and Stableford Plate
JKJack Kerfoot (Northern Cup)
CCChairman's Cup
SPEnglish Strokeplay
MBritish Blind Masters
CSColin Cowdrey Shield
*Seniors OM

Column Header Information

MP = English Matchplay and Stableford Plate
CC = Chairman’s Cup
M = British Blind Masters

* = Seniors Order Of Merit

Order of Merit after Sir Colin Cowdrey Trophy