England & Wales Blind Golf stages six ranking events each season at which players can earn Order of Merit points depending on their position in each tournament.

There is an overall Order of Merit that includes all players and a Seniors Order of Merit for players over the age of 65.

The 2021 Order of Merit runs from the Chaimans Cup in May 2021 until the completion of the British Blind Masters in August 2021.

For the 2021 international being held at The Cardona Hotel in Peebles. The team will be, top 8 in order of merit and 3 Captains picks.

Updated 15th Sept 2021, this is the Final Order of MErit for 2021

1Mike TomlinsonB316315252020259121225
2Owen RobinsonB215320102525151020208
3Peter OsborneB2149121412122012252517
4Jason BastableB313617121573020101015
5John EakinB31261614121515171720
6Danny Daniels*B21212516126815141411
7Andy GilfordB2115128813201714149
8Andy SellarsB21082013151512101013
9Jason HeathfieldB3108131117101013111112
10Peter Hodgkinson*B19569159258815
11Barry Ritchie*B187914715158667
12Ron Tomlinson*B170891033714142
13Simon CooksonB3515510555511
14Chris EvansB332 5 7776
15Tony HegartyB331744161224
16Mike VanstoneB3241077
17David Larlihan*B3246 142443
18Euin HillB21915 4
19Nick MillsB117133122221
20Steve BeeversB216 97
21Roger ColeB214 115115
22Steve KempsterB29333
23Roy Sharples*B155
MPEnglish Matchplay and Stableford Plate
JKJack Kerfoot (Northern Cup)
CCChairman's Cup
SPEnglish Strokeplay
MBritish Blind Masters
CSColin Cowdrey Shield
*Seniors OM