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The England & Wales Blind Golf board of Trustee Directors, would like to announce, that the charity have a new President. It will be, Alec Fernihough of Gaudet Luce Golf Club.

The charity has received 20+ years of unprecedented support from Alec and his club. He has agreed to hold the post for 3 years.

Welcome to the England & Wales Blind Golf Website

We have worked on this website with the aim of making it accessible and useful to both the visually impaired and sighted community, The aim with this site is to inform the sighted community of what Blind Golf is all about and how to get involved, whilst also being a hub for the severely sight impaired that are either involved already or want to get involved.

Using the 4 simple buttons above you can access the About page, the Supporters page, the Players page and the contact page. The about page and contact pages are self explanatory, while the supporters page is where to go if you are looking to get involved, either by donating or offering your time to help with the organisation and the players page is where you need to be if you currently are playing or want to play, there are pages more relevant to you here such as fixtures & results.

At the bottom of the page there is also a master menu, containing links to every page on the site if you would prefer to use that option.

England and Wales Blind golf is a Registered Charity in the UK (Registered Charity Number 1064829)

Support England & Wales Blind Golf

As a registered charity it is important that we work closely with the local communities and organisations throughout the year to raise the profile of the sport along with helping to raise the vital funding needed to keep the charity active.

If you feel you have something to offer the charity, whether that is volunteering your time or donating as much or as little as possible to keep the organisation thriving, then please contact us


You can also donate online using our Virgin Money Giving via the button below:

Virgin Money Giving - Start Fundraising

Cleveland Golf Blind Challenge

Cleveland Golf set out to challenge 3 tour pro’s at a game of Target Practice, but this was no ordinary test of skill, they were up against 3 of the England & Wales Blind Golf’s best and to make it more even, the Tour Pro’s were blind folded.

Chloe Allyn presents the challenge in the below video with Danish Pro Soren Kjeldsen, Irish Pro Shane Lowry and New Zealander Ryan Fox taking on Andy, James and Barry.

(Please note: There is limited commentary on the below video with some sections having none)

How is it played?

Blind Golf may not have been something you have ever thought about, but plenty of people play this variant of the game using thier guides to assist in lining up the shot and giving an idea of the conditions the player has ahead of them.

The video below will give you a brief idea of how the game is played.

Don’t forget you can get involved as a volunteer or as a player at anytime, feel free to contact us to find out more.


Below are links to some organisations that may be of interest to you, these are usually organisations in the golfing world or supports of the charity. Clicking the image will take you to thier site in a new browser window.

International Blind Golf Association

IBGA International Fixtures Link

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