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Blind golf is a team game comprising of a visually impaired player and a sighted guide or caddy. They follow the same rules that all golfers follow with a few minor adjustments. (R&A Rule 25)

The player, once set up, gets comfortable and makes the swing or putt just like any other golfer.

The guide is the players eyes and describes how the ball is sitting, the distance to the hole, hazards, bunkers and direction. They line up the player and club. Once the ball is hit they describe how the ball fly’s and the result. On the putting surface they line up the putt.

England & Wales Blind Golf has 3 categories. These are internationally accepted. More info can be found here at British Blind Sport.

For EWBG these categories are:

This category encompasses no light perception in either eye up to light perception, but inability to recognise shapes at any distance or in any direction.

B2 and B3
Both of these categories involve a low level of usable partial vision, those in the B3 category will be able to see more than those graded as B2. B3 is the highest category used for international & Paralympic sport


Our Patrons make the difference, supporting our ability to hold conversations with the biggest names in the sport and providing recognition throughout the world of golf.

Gary Alliss

Gary Alliss is a professional golfer. He is the son of golf legend and golf commentator Peter Alliss.

Gary Alliss is one of the most well-known faces in British golf, known for his role as both a professional golfer, coach and golf speaker Alliss has gained global acclaim as the PGA King of Swing and for his reputable coaching college the Alliss Golf Academy.

Gary follows in his late fathers footsteps in supporting the England & Wales Blind Golf charity as our Patron.

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Our members tell us that learning, playing and competing gives them confidence, hope and strength. Our members know that they are not alone or isolated and there are fantastic opportunities ahead of them.

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