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Supporting and Volunteering with EWBG is a great way to help us in our mission to transform the lives of those who are registered visually impaired or going through sight loss.

You can support us in many ways whether as a Guide, Ball Spotter, Fundraiser, Golf Club, Golf Centre, Golf Professional or Sponsor/Partner.

Not only does it benefit our members, it can introduce you to new people, experiences and opportunities while having fun.


All visually impaired golfers need a guide to help them line up balls, find balls and find their way around the golf course.

The Guide/golfer relationship is a team effort and lifetime friendships are made.  Our Guides tell must how much they gain by helping the golfer to play and can celebrate with them when they do well.

Ball Spotters

Do you enjoy helping others, walking, fresh air, meeting new people? Then you would be perfect to help as ball spotter.

You need no knowledge of golf, all you need is a keen set of eyes. An enjoyment of walking and fresh air and the desire to meet new people ad help them enjoy the sport they love.

Ball spotters are allocated to a pairing and walk round the course with them.  Many spotters return again and again and are awed by the experience. All our members have said how much they have appreciated having Ball spotters


There are many ways to raise funds and we desperately need help so we can provide golf tournaments for our members to enjoy.

Could you organise a golf day?

If you are a Club Captain, consider EWBG as the Captains Charity.

Join our fund-raising team and help us to find other ways to fund our activities.


Offer your course for a venue for one of our events. We are looking for venues in all areas of England and Wales.

Arrange an event between your club and visually impaired golfers to help with awareness.

Help us to raise funds by including us in a golf day or offering a 4 ball voucher.

Be willing to encourage a visually impaired golf as a member of your club.

Danny Daniels and Di setting up a shot

Golf Centres

We are looking for Golf Centres who are willing to host Have a Go Days for the visually impaired.

Many golfers think they will need to give up the sport once they start to lose their sight. Events like Have a Go days help to encourage more men, women and children to come back to or start their golf journey.

Golf Professionals

Help visually impaired golfers to adapt to their change in circumstances.

Help visually impaired golfers to start playing golf.

Be prepared to be the professional in your area who will help in this way.

Anders Mankert at Leicester Golf Centre has been teaching Visually impaired golfers for many years and is always happy to share his experiences.

Sponsors & Partners

Sponsorship can be more than just donating money to a good cause.

Would you be able to sponsor one of our events, or a hole at one of our events?

Do you allow employees paid time to volunteer? If so, please encourage them to volunteer with us.

A day helping blind golfers would be a great team building exercise.

Sponsors & Partners

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