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The 2019 English Strokeplay

The 2019 English Strokeplay

The event was held at The Forest of Arden on Sunday 30th June and Monday 1st July.

After Day 1 the leader was Andy Sellars, guided by Martyn Wright, with a nett 63 followed in second place by John Eakin, guided by Chris Vaughan, with a nett 65.

Day 2 was won by Andy Gilford, guided by his wife Melanie with a nett 62 and in second place Barry Ritchie, guided by Chris Peake, with a nett 63.

The overall winner of the event was Jason Bastable, guided by Nancy Bilderbeck, with a nett of 134, second was tied between Peter Osborne, guided by his wife Cara, and  Andy Sellars, guided by Martyn Wright, who both had a nett 136 but Peter won on countback.

Alongside the Strokeplay was held a stableford match and the winner was Nick Mills, guided by Ben Skyn with a stableford total of 42

PlayerRound 1Round 2TotalPosition
Jason Bastable6866134Winner
Peter Osborne67691362nd (CB)
Andy Sellars63731363rd (CB)
John Eakin6572137
Danny Daniels6872140
Peter Hodgkinson6874142
Steve Beevers7270142
Andy Gilford8162143
Jason Heathfield7472146
Barrie Ritchie8663149
Mike Tomlinson6683149
Ron Tomlinson8978167
Billy McAllister8396179
Derrick Sheridan9588183
Chris EvansNRNRNR
Nick Mills162642Winner
Roy Sharples298372nd
Owen Robinson201333
Tony Hegarty92231
Roger Cole151227
David Larlham81321
Adam Clayton12Withdrawn

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