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2021 Blind Open Results

Well done to Jason Heathfield and guide Mick Hopkins winning the over all gross prize and finishing runner up in the nett championship.

Congratulations to the winners listed below.

1st Paul McCormack (USA)

2nd Jason Heathfield (EWBGA)

3rd Jason Bastable (EWBGA)



Jan Dinsdale (NIR)



B1 – Paul O’Rahilly (NIR)

B2 – Paul McCormack (USA)

B3 – Jason Heathfield



Ed Maguie (IRE)


Final Result (Medal scores Gross and Nett)

P. McCormack (USA)B2176126(63 & 63)
J. Heathfield (EWBG)B3165131(69 & 62)
J. Bastable (EWBG)B3187139(72 & 67)
A. Morgan (Sco)B3184142(72 &70)
B. McCluskey (Sco)B3175149(73 & 76)
P. O'Rahilly (NIR)B1225149(78 & 71)
O. Robinson (EWBG)B2232150(76 & 74)
T. Reidy (NIR)B2236156(74 & 82)
D. Daniels (EWBG)B2239157(85 & 72)
W. Rhode (IRE)B3205157(84 & 73)
M. Tomlinson (EWBG)B3213161(78 & 83)
P. Morgan (IRE)B3210166(86 & 80)
T. McEvoy (NIR) B2270180(80 & 100)
J.Dinsdale (NIR)B2255183(96 & 87)
P. Power (IRE)B312993
E. Maguire (IRE)B272(36 & 36)
A. Downey (IRE)B232
S. Herbert (NIR)B332
A. Cochrane (NIR)B229
D. Stakelum (IRE)B117
N. Mills (EWBG)B109
P. Bond (IRE)B207

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