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A New Collaboration with Love Golf UK and RR Golf

We are pleased to announce a New Collaboration between Love Golf UK  and RR Golf which will give more opportunities for Blind golfers in the North West to play at some great courses, use of courses for future EWBG events and for tuition with Rudi.
Love Golf UK Proudly Supports England & Wales Blind Golf
Love Golf UK is delighted to announce its support for England & Wales Blind Golf. Andrew Terry, Director of Love Golf UK, expresses immense pride in partnering with the organisation and applauds the remarkable efforts led by the trustees of England & Wales Blind Golf.
England & Wales Blind Golf has been a beacon of support for individuals affected by visual impairment, offering them opportunities to experience the joy and camaraderie of golf. Love Golf UK is thrilled to welcome members of England & Wales Blind Golf to its venues, fostering an inclusive and accessible environment for all.
“We are excited to collaborate with England & Wales Blind Golf and contribute to their impactful work. The dedication of England & Wales Blind Golf and their team of volunteers,  in supporting those with visual impairment is truly inspiring,” said Andrew Terry. “At Love Golf UK, we believe in the power of golf to bring people together, and this partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to inclusivity.”
The collaboration between Love Golf UK and England & Wales Blind Golf promises exciting new events that will further promote accessibility and participation in golf. Both organizations are eager to explore innovative opportunities and create memorable experiences for all members.
“We look forward to a meaningful partnership with England & Wales Blind Golf, and we are committed to working together on initiatives that will make a positive impact in the lives of individuals with visual impairment,” added Andrew Terry.
Love Golf UK encourages golf enthusiasts and the community at large to join in supporting England & Wales Blind Golf, championing the spirit of inclusivity and accessibility in the world of golf.

Rudi at RR Golf “I’m truly delighted to support England & Wales Blind Golf. I believe golf should be inclusive for everyone regardless of age, wealth, gender, or disability and have a duty as a golf coach to provide the opportunity for anyone to participate and enjoy the game of golf.”.

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Our members tell us that learning, playing and competing gives them confidence, hope and strength. Our members know that they are not alone or isolated and there are fantastic opportunities ahead of them.

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