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England and Wales Blind Golf are pleased to announce a new partnership with American Golf, the UK's largest golf retailer

We look forward to building a long and strong relationship with American Golf going forward and raising awareness across all communities.

Sophie Fox, Head of Marketing and Content at American Golf says, “We’re thrilled to be supporting England and Wales Blind Golf. As a business, we’re dedicated to making the game accessible to all and breaking down barriers of participation in any form. Golf is a sport fuelled by passionate players and the charity is doing an amazing job of showing your golfing journey doesn’t need to end when you lose your sight.”

2024 EWBG Captain Andy Gilford says “England & Wales Blind Golf’s goal is to give people going through sight loss the joy of sharing golf together with family and friends. To have the UK largest Golf Retail Brand, American Golf supporting our charities drive to bring people together through golf and sight loss, shows the commitment to the community for both the golfers and guides that donate their sight and time to make sure people of all ages can continue to enjoy golf with family and friends, sharing memories together.
People see the word blind golf and just think of the golfer, when it’s far bigger than a game of golf, and can lead to confidence and people being able to come to terms with sight loss of all levels. Imagine the feeling of the player getting a hole in one, but then the feeling of the guide who has lined that golfer before the player hits the shot. It really is a team game that many people can share amazing experiences through.
Thank you to Sophie, Adam Peet and the team for understanding our need to raise awareness of the positive benefits golf can have. “

Coming soon :  Amanda’s Story as told to American Golf.


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Our members tell us that learning, playing and competing gives them confidence, hope and strength. Our members know that they are not alone or isolated and there are fantastic opportunities ahead of them.

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