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How Blind Golf has helped one Dad spend more time with his Blind Son.

As a family of 5 with three boys it’s always hard to fix the time in for all there sporting activities but having a child with sight loss, it is even harder just to find a sport he can participate in. I’ve always been a keen golfer myself and it never occurred to me that anyone with sight loss could do it, how wrong I was!!! Bailey has taken the game up about 18 months ago and never looked back. To be able to spend time with Bailey like I did with the other two boys growing up has brought us so much closer together and equally I feel more involved. Bailey has really been upbeat ever since with either asking to go to his golf lesson or just going to the range to hit some balls  This has helped, not only with physical exercise but massively for his mental health and his whole attitude has changed. This is a game we can continue to play for many years to come, or at least until he starts beating me. We are ever grateful to England and Wales Blind Golf for giving him the opportunity.

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Our members tell us that learning, playing and competing gives them confidence, hope and strength. Our members know that they are not alone or isolated and there are fantastic opportunities ahead of them.

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