Primary Club Matchplay Results

The table below will be updated with the Results from the 2022 Primary Club Matchplay at Gaudet Luce held between the 9th – 11th April


 Saturday 9th April 
Round 1Result
13Mike Tomlinson5 / 4
Ron Tomlinson
13.08Andy Sellars10 / 8
David Larlham
13.16Barry Ritchie1 up
Owen Robinson
13.24Jason Bastable9 / 8
Shaun Burke
13.32Peter Hodgkinson10 / 8
Nick Mills
13.4Steve Beevers1 up after 19
Jason Heathfield
13.48Danny Daniels
13.56Roy Sharples7 / 6
Andy Gilford
 Sunday 10th April 
Quarter finalResult
13Mike Tomlinson
Andy Sellars7 /5
13.08Barry Ritchie
Jason Bastable6 / 4
13.16Peter Hodgkinsonwithdrew
Steve Beevers
13.24Danny Daniels
Andy Gilford1 up