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The Auld Enemies Cup 2021 - Final Results

EWBGA take a small lead into the four ball better balls following finishing the foursomes 3 – 2 up.

A very tight match between Jason Bastables group going down 18 one down to gain a halve following a great drive by Mike Tommlinson setting up the chance to win the halve and get the gain a small lead (You Reds as Jason would say).

Full Final Results




The first day foursome match results


Andy Sellars  (Guide Oliver Durham) & Danny Daniels (Guide Di Daniels), Verses Ally Reid & Gordon Dixon. Match halved.


John Eakin (Guide Chris Vaughan) & Simon Cookson (Guide Sue Cookson), Verses Myles Clark & Wally Cheap. Scotland won 2 & 1


Day 2 – Four ball Results


Match 1

Andy Gilford, (Guide Melanie Gilford) & Peter Hodgkinson, (Guide Margaret  Hodgkinson), Verses Ally Reid  & Darren Healey – EWBGA win 5 & 3


Match 2

Jason Bastable, (Guide Darren Blake) & Mike Tomlinson,   (Guide Rob Douglas), Verses Myles Clark & Willie Cheape  – EWBGA Win 2 up.


Match 3

John Eakin, (Guide Chris Vaughan) & Owen Robinson, (Guide Chris Owens), Verses Barry McCluskey & Lewis Walsh – EWBGA win 1up


Match 4

Andy Sellars , (Guide Oliver Durham) &  Danny Daniels,(Guide Di Daniels), Verses Stuart Patten & Sam Sloan  – EWBGA Win 5 & 4


Match 5

Peter Osborne, (Guide Cara Osborne) & Ron Tomlinson,(Guide Steph Tomlinson), Verses David Patterson & Charlie Forbes – EWBGA Win 7 & 5


Final Day Singles


Andy Sellars v Willy Cheap (SBGA 7 & 6)

Simon Cookson v Sam Sloan (SBGA 4 & 3)

Owen Robinson v Ally Reid (EWBGA 1up)

Andy Gilford v Myles Clark (EWBGA 6 & 5)

Peter Osborne v Stuart Patten (level through 15)

John Eakin v Barry McCluskey (1 down through 14)

Ron Tomlinson v David Patterson (halved)

Mike Tomlinson v Darren Healey (4 up through 12)

Danny Daniels v Gordon Dixon (2 up through 11)

Jason Bastable v Lewis Walsh (EWBGA 8 & 6)


England & Wales (ewbg ) regained the Auld Enemies Cup 13 1/2 to Scotland ( SBG ) 6 1/2

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